rick keating is chief executive officer at keating and originator of the firm’s think. say. hear.®️ philosophy. described by clients as a master message maker and storyteller.

author of how to control the narrative after the comma, a book set to publish in 2024. rick and his firm are called upon by industry #1s, forbes 400 families, venture capitalists, private equity firms, nonprofits, and governments worldwide to address high-level messaging, branding, and communication to prepare his clients to address their opportunities or situations.

serving the saudi royal family, paul tudor jones, george soros, the institute for new economic thinking, bill porter, bob stiller, the getty family, the coors family, zoe cruz, bertelsmann, vivendi, nyse, new york board of trade, clearing corporation, international securities exchange, saudi arabia, france, israel, australia, great britain, uae, south africa, india, the conference board, the county of santa clara (silicon valley), vanke, the sandoz foundation, nikon, endgame, cylance, emirates, virgin, alain ducasse, hippocratic ai, and many others. we have won almost all industry awards including being a runner-up for agency of the year and being recognized for excellence in legal communications.

rick has served on many boards, including the board of overseers of seton hall university’s john c. whitehead school of diplomacy and international relations, the shakespeare theatre of nj, the visual arts center of nj, and new eyes for the needy. he is currently a member of parks california advisory council, and advent health’s national advisory council, and is a senior advisor at mckinsey.

rick is a graduate of villanova university with dual degrees in english and communications, and the mit-harvard public disputes & mediation program. a sub 2:50 marathoner and avid cyclist.

rjk@keatingco.com or +1.917.767.2400